La Noche / The Night

La Noche es un ensayo fotográfico realizado en Mendoza – Argentina durante el 2000 y el 2003. Mi interés en este tema comenzó en 1999 cuando empecé a ver numerosas lámparas rojas en los costados de la ruta nacional 40, anunciando prostíbulos baratos. Este hecho como así también la gran cantidad de jóvenes mujeres trabajando en las calles de la 4ta sección en Mendoza, me decidieron a explorar en la vida de las trabajadoras sexuales. En el 2000 recibí un premio del Fondo Nacional de las Artes para desarrollar este proyecto.

The Night is a photographic essay created in Mendoza – Argentina, during 2000 and 2003. My engagement with this topic started in 1999 when I noticed an increasing number of red lights on the side of national road number 40 in Mendoza, which displayed cheap brothels. This fact as well as the large number of very young girls working on the streets across the 4th district of Mendoza city made me determined to get a glimpse into the lives of these sexual workers.  In 2000 I received a grant from the Argentinean National Arts Fund to develop this project.

La Noche es una edición de autor y esta a la venta en la librería online de Head On / The Night is a self-published book available for purchase from Head On online bookshop:


If we could hear vegetation growing, roots and branches, the resulting sound would be never ending incredible music. Little drops of leaf perspiration, roots digging into the ground, a seed exploding with new growth, sap climbing a tall tree, a bud scratching its way through the soil, leaves inhaling sunshine and expelling oxygen.

Watching at this wonder is equally astonishing.

I am fascinated by vegetation. I became immersed in tropical vegetation in Cairns – Queensland, during an artist residency. The Cairns Botanic Gardens enveloped the residency dwelling, with both greenery and wild life. I became mesmerized by the rainforest. I spent many hours walking the garden. I wanted to document and photograph every texture, tone, shape, and subtle shade of green. The paths along the garden were both sombre and gleaming, the forest was talking to me. The tool I had on hand then was my beloved old analogue camera. This is how I found myself translating the fascinating plant world into black and white. 

Unfurling like the palm leaves this book is a tribute to vegetation, nature and green. 

Artist book, 21cm x 15